Payments, Taxes and Fraud

Integrate to Radial Payments to ensure a frictionless buying experience and drive sales uplift.

Integrate to Radial Fraud to boost conversion and stop fraud for good.

How It Works

Payment Processing

Here’s how a typical credit card transaction works using our service:

Step 1: Take order from shopper, send Radial a Credit Card Authorization request.
Payment processing 1
Step 2: Radial sends back tokenized response, release shopper.
Step 3: When you're ready to Ship, request settlement from Radial.
Payment processing 2
Step 4: Receive funds from Radial.
Credit Card Authorization Request

The initial request for card authorization.

Credit Card Authorization Response

Our response to the card auth request, includes a list of response codes.

Payment Settlement Request

At time of shipment send us a request to settle funds with the bank.

Fraud Management

Here's how we protect your business from fraudsters.

Step 1: Take order from shopper, send Radial a Risk Assessment request.
Fraud management 1
Step 2: Radial sends back Risk Assessment response.
Step 3: After you've shipped be sure to let us know so we can track the
order and cover you in case its fradulent.
Fraud management 2
Javascript Collector

Captures environmental data used for fraud analysis.

Risk Assessment

Initial call to sending us key data so we can properly evaluate the fraud.

Order Confirmation

Letting us know you shipped so we can track the order and provide full liability coverage.

Taxes, Duties & Fees

Here's how to ensure proper taxes are calculated, presented and reported.

Step 1: At time of checkout, send radial a Tax Quote request.
Taxes,dutiesandfees 1
Step 2: Radial sends back a tax quote for every line item on the order.
Step 3: Ship your items and make the Tax Invoice Call with the fulfillment address.
Taxes,dutiesandfees 2
Step 4: Radial sends back acknowledgment on the order with accurate taxes.
Tax Quote

Initial call to Calculate and return the tax quote for every line item.

Tax Invoice

To invoice the tax data for legal and reporting purposes.

Tax Distribute

Account for tax credits and distribute the credits and any adjustments.

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